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What People Say About Our Security Awareness Courses

I also wanted to add that the people who have reviewed this are really impressed with the format, color and level of interactivity.  Double-thumbs up! — Bob B.

Just a note - this was quite a wonderful and informative course. I have been through quite a few with (agency name) on various training issues, and this one was the best by far. Information was presented rapidly and concisely. I liked the links that you could choose or not, and the amount of time spent was enough to get you through the material, but not bog you down. The quiz was a nice review of the presented materials and I liked the reinforcement of the answers to the quiz questions. Hats off to the writers/producers of this study material, and thanks for the email address to which we can forward junk email! Best regards — Craig L.

Excellent and informative course! Thank you for offering it! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Keep up the good work! — Don C.

The IT Security course was very interesting and informative. The "interesting" quality received a vigorous test. I took the course between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. during my first midnight shift. I stayed wide awake. I'm also a training officer in the Kentucky Air National Guard. This would be a good course for our flight members. — James N.

Well done..... Did not take long, was interesting and entertaining. More online courses should follow this template. — Sara L.

It was fun, fast-paced, user friendly. The course is packed with valuable, "I didn't know that" information. — Paula N.

At first I felt that as a non-ITT employee that I didn't need to take such a training. Boy was I wrong. The training was very well received and was exceptional at informing me of my duties and responsibilities as a computer user. Good Job - Easily readable and understandable - Length of training - appropriate; Information - Timely and Critical for all users; Easy to Follow Instructions. I liked the smiley faces when I got the right answer, but I also liked the correct answer being given in a quick reason why instead of being sent back to look in the training as I have seen before. I would like to recommend that this be something that might be implemented as a training tool for all new employees who will have computer usage and made a part of their orientation process. Thanks — Debbie P.

The IT Security Awareness Course was an excellent way to review (and learn) requirements needed to assure computer security. The presentation was excellent. I liked the simple outline method and animation. Thanks, — Jeanette B.

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The course was excellent. Good job on selecting material!!! I learned several things from this course. Thanks, — Carolyn Y.

The security session was very informative. The examples were real to life and could happen to anyone. Also the e-mail laws and advice of how to handle situations was reaffirming to what should be a natural instinct. Thank you. — Jill M.

Your course was fun. — Gerry H.

The biggest help was to get me thinking, "What if...", such as when emergency situations arise, like a fire. Unfortunately, at the time of an emergency, one does not have time to sit down and go through a "To do" list before leaving building. Thank you for providing a "drill" to walk me through the "what if..." in advance! — Sandy D.

Wow! It was great. I like the stories attached which really demonstrate the importance of security. — Lori S.

Very informative and entertaining course. Long overdue. — Dora T.

Thanks for an interesting course. It helps to know about security violations to be more aware of what to watch for. — Phyllis W.

I enjoyed the course. It helped to refresh my knowledge about computer security awareness and reminded me of the importance of it in my job as a Purchase Agent. It was easy to understand and was good for me to really understand some of the problems that can happen even if just because of not being trained properly on the importance of security and correct computer principles. Thank you — Jane H.

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This was really excellent - I wish it was available for my wife to take. Thanks. — D. J.

Good course - covered all the fundamentals without too much verbiage. Light and lively to keep interest. With good repetition to enforce main points. I learned a couple of important points too! 8-) — Stefan J.

The course was actually fun and informative. I enjoyed the facts as well as the cartoons. — Dean F.

Well organized and got me thinking. Thanks! — Michele H.

Good Morning, I enjoyed taking this very information and useful course. I learned new information. I especially liked the format and the interactive aspect as wells as being able to selectively see additional information, samples, etc. Bravo for providing an excellent course. — Peggy B.

Exceptional effort to make the course informative yet entertaining. The click-on-word option, for those who might want more in-depth info or examples, provided for a more personalized course. Successful presentation of somewhat dry material to interesting material. Helpful, too. Thank you — Carol W.

Hi, enjoyed taking the course. Learned some things and a good refresher on things I already knew. Was presented in a fun way. Thanks. — M. J. L.

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The course was a good reminder of our policy and procedures. Thank-you for making it so painless. — Gene U.

The responses I have been getting from our employees are very positive and I have not heard of anyone who has not enjoyed the course. I do have some ideas for the next iteration. — Richard T.

I just finished the training. Is simple, fast and to the point. Good Job!! — Osvaldo G.

Thanks for the education. I learned a few things to watch for that I would never have suspected. Good length. Plenty of good info without taking too long to complete. — Dana B.

Nice course! It was short but informative. I liked the available links on each page so that individuals could get more detail when they needed it. Some stuff seemed pretty basic, but it may have not been too basic for all our employees, so it was good to include. — Rob E.

I learned quite a bit that I didn't know and would like to have access to this course for future periodic review.  Thanks! — Ruth M.

Excellent course. I particularly liked the links to additional information and the real world examples. — Scott K.

Good points. It made me more aware of how easy it is to accidentally give valuable information out to people who shouldn't have it. Especially the "applet" window. That was really surprising to me. I had no idea. Thank you for the information! — Beth B.

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I found the course very easy to follow, it enables employees to take the course relaxed with no undue pressure. — Mary N.

Good course. Easy to follow, informative and creative. Thanks — Sam C.

This course was very well put together. It brought out a number of things that you normally would not think of. I really liked the course. — James S.

The course is quick and useful as a review for many of the things I already am aware of. It also is simple to use which will be helpful to many employees that do not use a computer on an everyday basis. — Martha B.

Good course, thanks! The mix of question types was an interesting twist. Thanks gain, Good luck with these efforts! — Karl S.

It was charming and I learned a bunch of stuff! (Probably I shouldn't admit that!) Thanks — Celia B.

The security course was very good! The interactive animation, links for additional information, and actual real time stories of actual events (we've all heard about) kept the course interesting and made an impression on me how easy it is for people to get secure information. Thanks for the info!! — Marcella N.

Training got directly to the point, which keeps a person interested as it moves along quickly. Easy to follow and understand so a person actually retains the information. Thank you. — Teri D.

I enjoyed the course. It was well designed and easily implemented. Internet training is an excellent way to save time and money spent attending meetings. A person can take the training when he/she is mentally relaxed and prepared to learn. I would encourage more Internet training in lieu of meeting attendance. — Eric V.

Thank you. Excellent way to offer details on IT security. Good things to know. No pain - lots of gain. I liked the way that you could develop details from core information. — Bob A.

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I have been concerned about computer security, but overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. This course was extremely useful to me and I learned several new things that I can use at work. This course is also the best that I've taken on-line to date from ARS. Excellent. — William D.

Good course! Brief enough, contained essential material, and was devised to keep people's attention and interest. I've heard no critical comments from our staff, and that's unusual! — Jeff S.

The training was very user friendly. This method gives the employee the opportunity to take the training at own pace and convenience. The length and content were just right. I particularly liked the tips on social engineering. — Jan H.

I very much enjoyed taking this Information Security Awareness Course. I can honestly say I was not aware of some issues you presented in this course. I have made me a continuity file on this subject for future reference. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in this training. — Kathy W.

That was one of the best online courses I've ever taken. Very well done. — Mark L.

This course is very informative and it made me realize how careful we have to be when receiving and opening up emails. I learned how easy it is for hackers to get pertinent information with out us even being aware. I know I will be very careful and more aware. Thank you for the training. — Flo A.

Good course, got ideas across in an entertaining and humorous way, which is always best. — Dick B.

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I thought it was great. Made me more aware of supervisory and individual employee responsibility, especially email. Some employees have questioned my right to monitor or even discuss their use of the email and/or ARS computer on the job. I now am more confident of my responsibility and theirs and will act on it. Much good info about viruses and hackers. I am not real computer literate and was unaware of many of the simple ways that data can be destroyed on not only my computer, but others that I interact. — Margaret B.

Not bad. Relatively painless and generally informative. Wish they all were this good. — Wayne I.

Great Course. I learned much more than I had expected and it was fun too. Great job. — Tara V.

Good specific examples of computer security problems were provided. All technical jargon was clearly explained. The course was focused on relevant issues. — John B.

I appreciated that some questions had more than one answer - making you think about it and I liked that you have immediate feedback as to the correctness, or incorrectness, of the answer. Really liked the last graphic - the spy in the hall with a camera looking right at the pc screen - the untied shoe - great. — Lorie B.

This was the best of these type of training sessions I've taken over the Internet. It was fun, moved quickly and had lots of information that was very useful. — Michael E.

I thought the course was extremely valuable as it was loaded with good information and it was convenient to take at my desk. — Glenn B.

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The course was very beneficial, it has made me aware of how important security of passwords. I am glad that I had the opportunity to take this course. I will be careful about my surrounding and others and will take notice when unknown persons are in the area. Thanks for the opportunity! — Bessie B.

I enjoyed the course. The extra material available was great. Good Job! — Gayle D.

Excellent material. The course was constructed to maintain interest and provide relevant information. I liked the touch of humor. "What is wrong with this picture" was an excellent way to conclude the course and "a picture is worth a thousand words." Thanks — Joseph P.

I appreciate being able to take this course from my office at my convenience. It is much better than being forced to attend group trainings at particular times. Thank you! — Lori W.

I enjoyed this course. It was good to have examples of security breaches and incidents. They were insightful and really showed the impact of not protecting your data. I especially enjoyed quiz question no. 10. Thank you for making this course enjoyable. — Jeff N.

I enjoyed the course, especially the side links with actual situations described. — Cheryl S.

The course was informative and helpful in handling security problems. It was valuable to me. Thanks — Jerry B.

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Overall, a positive experience. I congratulate you on putting together an informative and useful presentation. I particularly enjoyed reading the examples of poor security - they made the concepts easier to understand. Sincerely — Ed B.

The computer security training session was well done and the timing was very appropriate. The suggestions for what we as employees can do to protect ourselves and our data was invaluable. Thank you. — Nicole C.

I found the course timely and quite informative, using a computer everyday we sometimes forget how vulnerable we can be when leaving the work area for a few minutes. This course made me more aware of things that I should do on a regular basis no matter how busy I am. — Barbara Y.

I feel that this course is very informative and necessary. It should be taken by everyone who has any contact with a PC. I learned a lot of information from this course; and I am looking forward to more courses like this one that includes needed information. — Keysha H.

I think the course is a well needed one. Too many people think they are "government employees" and nothing could happen to their computers I think the password section was exceptionally well done. — SWE

I thought the course was very well done! The basic mandatory information was presented in a clear and straightforward manner. There were opportunities for "students" to link to additional information of interest (the specific examples of computer crimes were a very good addition.) I think who to report to in case of trouble, I really should change my password more often, and to be much more wary when using the Internet. This was an excellent and appropriate use of available technology for training! — Holly I.

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Course was relatively easy. Got me thinking about some things that I don't think about on a regular basis. For a change the access was quick compared to other on-line courses I have taken. — Phyllis M.

Course was easy to take within an hour, program was user-friendly and without glitches, and material was well-written, easily understood, and succinct. The downside is that I now have to change my password. Aloha, — Jack A.

I enjoyed having the correct answers immediately after answering the question, with explanation. I think that this is helpful to employees who get the answer wrong the first time, as they will remember the explanation. — Renee W.

Excellent training tool. Have been doing training at my location for several years and I found this to be an interesting, memorable and valuable training course. — Gail D.

Greetings from Central Oklahoma. I have just completed the IT Security Awareness Course. I found it very informative and helpful in becoming more aware of security concerns on the computer. The course content is excellent, and I really appreciated the various examples that are cited to explain the lesson material. I also found that the quiz was a very good learning tool. — Mike V.

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This was a very good course. Quick to get through, the screens were inviting and the information was important. Thank you — Sue S.

Short and sweet. I learned something new: the Java applets. Went fast and provided adequate links Probably one of the best training on computer this agency has provided . Made me think — S.E.B.

I found the course on computer security thought-provoking and valuable. It reminded me of many things that I either suspected or had in the back of my mind, but probably do not act on daily in computer use. Overall, a very worthwhile experience. — Loyd W.

I appreciated definitions in each of the sections and a more detailed explanation to click on if desired. Also, reference addresses for additional info was a thoughtful touch. I didn't know about all that you covered...a good time to try to correct my password errors and clean up my act. Thanks. — Beth D.

The security awareness course was good and got me thinking about all aspects of computer use. Thanks. — Gail B.

The course really should be taken by everyone. I learned a lot about IT security; some things I thought I know but wasn't sure about, but the course answered a lot of my concerns. The java script information was especially helpful; I did not know not to reenter your id and password if the box pops up. It was also a great idea to have the IT Security contact information available on the training. I printed them out to keep in my phone directory. All of the examples of security breaches were very informative and helped you see how easy it could be for someone to destroy everything you have done. This is an excellent tool for everyone to see how better they can protect their information. The course was very informative, the graphics were great, and you made it very interesting. Thanks for helping us out! — Patricia S.

The course was informative and fun. I liked being able to exit out and return when time allowed. The quiz made me smile with the moving characters and the final question was really cute. — Carol S.

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Enjoyed the course. Contained very good information that was presented in a format designed to be instructional and informative. Thought the links in each section were very useful in getting the message across. Have taken numerous computer courses and this one was set up the best. Thank you for all the useful information. — Jack S.

After taking the IT course I felt a little more informed on the situations which could threaten computer security and ways of preventing. Learned what a digital signature is, what social engineering is, and how a Trojan horse works. The IT staff might think everyone knows those things but it's a good idea to explain them clearly to those who are not sure. Thank you. — Irene B.

I thought the IT security awareness course was excellent. I learned valuable information that I believe will prevent me from making careless mistakes. I feel informed and understand who to call and am aware of preventative techniques I would not have known otherwise. I thought the entire course presentation and delivery was effective. Thanks — Deborah E.

Great job on the of the content and it's presentation, found the course very informative and will look forward to more. Regards — Farid B.

It was a good course. I gave some good and practical information. It was an excellent idea to give this course. — Carl O.

This course covered a significant amount of information in a relatively short period of time. It was informative, slightly humorous, and attentive to user needs. Thank you. — Cheri M.

Actually, this was sort of fun and I HATE tests! I'd much rather do this when I have time at my desk than have to go sit somewhere else. Also, the information was presented in such a way that it wasn't endless text to get through. I may like to think I'm above all that - but visuals make things more interesting for everybody and this was good usage of visuals. — Annie H.

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The course was short, yet informative. Additionally, I liked the examples of real-life incidents. — Jen B.

I enjoyed the course very much. It took longer than I anticipated but was well worth it. (I checked links indicated as samples, etc.) Even though I thought I practiced decent security measures, this course proved differently. It was extremely informative and has placed a tighter reign on my responsibility to security from this point forward. I've suggested to co-workers who have not taken the course, to do so. — Barbara A.

Very good, informative and engaging tele-learning course! The 'side-bars' giving examples of real-world incidents were worth the time to investigate. The graphics (especially the quiz) were appropriate and entertaining. If a course like this is to be given, making it entertaining and connected with the 'real-world' is a must. All in all, IT WAS AN EXCELLENT COURSE!! If it was within my power, I would recommend the author of this course for a QSI. Thank you for your good and timely presentation. — Jeff H.